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Aquarium Concepts for Herpetoculture

By Jamie Woods Jamie Woods is a long-time fish and reptile keeper, and a recent guest on Project: Herpetoculture HERE Introduction The purpose of this article is best explained by telling you, the reader, about my worst failure in aquarium keeping. As a teenager in the early 2000s, I managed to get ahold of an … Continue reading "Aquarium Concepts for Herpetoculture"

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Record Keeping Made Easy: A DIY Method Using Google Forms and Sheets

By Billy Sveen Billy Sveen is a herpetoculturalist, physician, and bioethicist living in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Follow him on Instagram at @creepersherpetoculture As a reptile and amphibian enthusiast, maintaining accurate records of your captive population is important to monitoring health and tracking significant events, whether you keep a single animal or operate large breeding groups. However, … Continue reading "Record Keeping Made Easy: A DIY Method Using Google Forms and Sheets"

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Environmental Enrichment: Risk Vs. Reward

Environmental Enrichment: Risk Vs. Reward Currently, a percentage of the reptile hobby finds itself tilting towards “industrialized” and “sterilized” care. As a result, you might encounter the commonly spouted myth: “The risk of adding enrichment into your reptile’s enclosure is too high, due to the potential of harmful bacteria growth”. In other words, the claim … Continue reading "Environmental Enrichment: Risk Vs. Reward"

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DIY Snake Hide: How to Guide (video)

In this article, I show step by step how I created my own DIY snake hide! If you’d rather watch the video, then here ya go! Before we get started two quick things: This idea originally came from this video: This is not cheaper or easier than buying a store-bought hide! You should only attempt this … Continue reading "DIY Snake Hide: How to Guide (video)"

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Central American Boa Care American Boa care is really not any different than their Columbian cousins.  There is a wide range of Central American boa localities, each having their own distinct color, pattern and adult size range. Typically the Central American boas are smaller than Columbian boas making them appealing to people who want a boa but want also want … Continue reading "Central American Boa Care"

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How to Increase Humidity in a Terrarium

Whether you live in an arid climate or you care for a species that requires a high level of humidity (such as a rainbow boa or amphibian species), you’ll certainly need to know how to increase humidity in a terrarium! SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE FOR MY VIDEO REVIEW OF SPHAGNUM MOSS Sphagnum … Continue reading "How to Increase Humidity in a Terrarium"

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