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The higher quality of care, the more your animal will reward you with their fascinating natural behavior.


My goal with Animals at Home is to help refocus the reptile hobby towards individualized animal care. I want to inspire people to talk about each of their animals. I want to learn about the individual animal, not about the genetics it carries. I want you to hear about the care you provide and about the enclosure it is in.

I certainly do not have all the answers when it comes to husbandry, I am no expert and I learn something new everyday. My goal is to inspire others to push their limits of care. Your animals will reward you with your efforts.


To inspire others push the limits of their animal husbandry by prompting the importance of high level and creative husbandry, individualized for each animal.


Less industrialized, More individualized Animal Care within the Reptile Hobby.


The inclusion of natural features into animal husbandry. You can’t jam all elements of nature into your animal’s home, but certain essentials should be included to enrich their environment. We owe that to the animals we care for.

Prompting basic study of the natural history of the animals in your care.


Provide guidance to new animal owners.

Raise the bar for the minimum standard of care.

Be apart of the solution to what I perceive as “problem areas” in the reptile hobby.


Over Breeding: I like a good “morph” just as much as the next person… but in my opinion, nothing compares to the wild-type patterns and colors Mother Nature has produced. I believe “hunting” for the next great genetic “masterpiece” has flooded the market with “normal’s,” Sending them off into the hands of ill-prepared owners. (This does not mean all breeders are to blame… or that breeding for morphs should stop)

Poor Husbandry: The reptile hobby is plagued with people taking very poor care of their animals. People are sold an animal they know nothing about, they feed it, they water it, and then get tired of it. Your local classifieds are full of reptiles between 2-4 years old whose owners “no longer have time for them” (many of which have lifespans of 20+ years).

I don’t think we can stop any irresponsible sales of animals to people who aren’t ready to own them, BUT maybe we can have a positive impact on those who DO end up buying animals impulsively. Maybe we can inspire these new owners, show them the natural beauty of the animals they bought and motivate them to improve their husbandry.

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions, comments or just feel like saying Hi.


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