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11: Little Res Q | Marc Ouellette

Marc Ouellette is the founder of Little Res Q, a reptile rescue based out of Ontario, Canada. Little Res Q specializes in Red-eared slider turtles. In the episode, Marc and I discuss the basics of Red-eared slider care, why they make...

10: Ontario Iguanas | Robin Small

Robin Small is the human behind the Instagram account and blog: Ontario Iguanas. In the episode, we discuss Robin's iguana collection, the basics of iguana care as well as some of the biggest mistakes new owners...

9: The king of DIY | Joey Mullen

Joey's life was in a dark place and the fish hobby pulled him out and sent his life in a positive direction to the place it is now. In the podcast, we discuss exactly how something...

8: Enrichment for Reptiles & My Opinion of Brian Barczyk

In the episode I layout the thought process I used when trying to determine if the statement below is true or false. Reptiles require environmental enrichment in order to reach a maximum level of health in captivity...

7: Dr. Reptilia | Dr. Jen Moore

Dr. Jen Moore also known as @DrReptilia on Twitter, is an Associate Professor in the Biology Department at Grand Valley University in Michigan.  The majority of Dr. Moore's research focuses on the conservation of both reptile...

6: SciBugs | Nancy Miorelli

Today's episode is with Nancy Miorelli, also known as "SciBugs" on social media. Nancy is an entomologist living in Ecuador and possesses a truly inspirational passion for insects!In the episode we discuss, insect phobia...

5: KC Critters | Kyle Chalmers

Olympic gold medalist and reptile enthusiast, Kyle Chalmers joined me on the podcast today! Kyle runs the Instagram account @KC_Critters, which showcases daily pictures of his large reptile collection...

4: Jossers Jungle

This episode I am joined by Laerke Rosenberg aka Josser of the popular YouTube channel, JossersJungle! Jossers' YouTube channel has grown to +40k subscribers in less...

3: Reptile Mountain | TC Houston

Thinking about starting a breeding project? Then this is a must listen! Our guest this week is TC Houston of Reptile Mountain. TC is a former professional AZA zookeeper, and a Blue Tongue ...

2: Don't keep reptiles as pets

In this episode, Dillon breaks down the philosophy that guide’s both his animal care and online endeavors (YouTube, Blog, and Podcast)...

1: Who Am I?

This episode is an introduction of both the Animals at Home Podcast as well as some background information on the host, Dillon Perron...