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Here is a list of animals that I have on my “want to own” list. I am interested in having a wide variety of different animals rather than focusing in on one species. Although I do have to say… most (all) of the animals on my “wish list” are currently snakes. I love my geckos, and I am sure one day I will have more of them but for right now I am not interested in starting any insect colonies, etc. And any large lizards (tegus, monitors, etc.) eat like machines!! 

I am not running out to buy these tomorrow or anything. These are just the animals I would like to own one day… most likely not all at once.

What are animals are currently on your “Wish List”? Let me know in the comment section!


Corallus hortulanus

Wish List

I have always been a huge fan of arboreal animals, although I am not 100% sure why. In any case ATB’s are some of my favorite arboreal’s out there. They come in many different, naturally occurring colours, ranging from browns, deep reds, to bright orange and yellows.

They have a reputation for being a little nippy but I think they make beautiful show animals.

The Amazon Tree Boa is definitely near the top of my list in terms of “animals to buy next” do to its smaller adult size of 4-5 feet.

Morelia spilota cheynei

Wish List

Can you beat the bright yellow colour of a Jungle Carpet? Not all Jungles are as vividly yellow as the one in the photo, but many of them are. Carpet pythons are what I would call a medium sized snake, similar to boas. The Jungle Carpets are a subspecies of Carpet pythons and they get to about 5-7 feet long. They are semi-arboreal and have the long, slender body to show for it.

Overall, a very interesting animal to look at and I look forward to working with one in the hopefully not so distant future!


Python reticulatus

Okay, I better be clear here! I am not interested in owning a mainland Reticulated Python! I am happy to admire those from a distance as I am nowhere near prepared to handle a 15-20 ft (or more) snake, not to mention the space requirements. Wish List

BUT there are two subspecies (although they aren’t officially recognized as subspecies) that are smaller than their mainland cousins, “super dwarf’s” or “SD” being one of them. SD retics tend to only get between 6-8 feet long which is definitely manageable. 

I think Retics have some of the best patterns and colours out of all snake species. Naturally, they have intricate and detailed patterns and colours that almost look photoshopped! Retics are also know for being incredibly intelligent and have more “personality” than most snakes. Very cool!

Boa constrictor constrictor 

These are the are the True Red-Tailed boas. These boas are effectively a different species than common or Colombian boa constrictors Wish List(separated geographically by the Andes) and are often thought of as the epitome of boa keeping.

They often have neatly peaked saddles with a brown, chocolate colour but the real attraction is their deep red tail. I would definitely like to own a BCC from either a Suriname or Guyana.

Epicrates cenchria

(No longer on my “Wish List”…. Bought a female October 2017!)

Rainbow boas really live up to their name. A lot of snakes and some lizards have an iridescent appearance when light reflects off their scales, but none of them compare to the Rainbow Boa. They are a relatively small snake (6-7 feet) and have similar care requirements to boa constrictors although they have more strict humidity requirements especially when they are neonates).
Wish List

Morelia viridis

My love for arboreal animals strikes again! Green Tree Pythons are some of the most stunning show animals you can own in my opinion. They tend to be visible during the day (instead of hiding) and display a vibrate green colour! As neonates they are a bright yellow or deep red and go through an amazing metamorphosis during their first year of life. Definitely worth getting as a young hatchling.Wish List Wish List

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