Winston Genealogy

“Winston” is the first boa I added to my collection. Below is his genealogical history.

Breeder: Local Breeder from Manitoba. Dame/Sire are out of Heckbert Reptiles. Winston’s dame/sire are producing other leopard boas with a “semi-orange pastel” appearance.  Winston MAY carry an incomplete dominant orange pastel gene.

Scale Count: 246 Ventral/ 54 Subcadual/ 77 Dorsal

Saddle Count: 24

Visual Markers: Winston does posses het. leopard markings through his tail

Grand Sire and Grand Dame, are Both:

  • 50% Sonoran/ 50 % Colombian
  • Double Het. for Leopard and Anery I

Winston Genealogy Winston Genealogy

The two animals above were breed in 2011 and produced the following litter:

Winston Genealogy

This litter included a surprise, an Orange Pastel Leopard:

Winston Genealogy

As far as I know, Heckbert Reptiles were the first to produce this morph. It is not clear how this gene is passed, but orange pastel animals have been produced from a pairing of unrelated animals meaning it is not recessive.

Winston’s sire and dame were two het. leopard animals out of the litter above. At least one of the parent’s seems to have carried the orange pastel gene as Winston has full siblings that seem to be showing a partial orange pastel expression:

Winston Genealogy Winston Genealogy








Therefore Winston is a Het. Leopard with a chance of carrying some form of the orange pastel gene. I do not plan on breeding him, I dug this information up out of pure interest!


Winston Genealogy
Winston- BCI