This page is a list of products, books and other reptile-related things I use on a daily basis. Everything on this page has been used and tested by me!

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TerrariumsExo-Terra Terrariums

Currently I am using Exo-Terra terrariums for both my geckos (crested and giant day). For the most part there are great enclosures for geckos and other smaller animals. I have had my crested gecko in the same one for over a decade and everything still functions properly.


These enclosures are incredibly easy to use and the double front opening make everything inside easy to access. These enclsoures provide great airflow and have ample vents. And they just look good!


They are quite heavy when full of soil, plants etc. If you are in a dry climate you will find these provide to much airflow (tough to keep humidity elevated for tropical species). I use masking tape to seal area’s of the top screen to solve this problem.