New Puppy? Here’s a Checklist!

So you’ve gone and finally done it: you’ve finally adopted a puppy! Right about now you’re feeling very happy with yourself, and you’re daydreaming about all the good times you can have with your new pet. Cuddles on the sofa, walk’s in the crisp and fresh morning air, and plenty of play time where you can take goofy pictures of your canine friend.

But before you get to make any of these awesome memories, there’s a bit of legwork, and a bit of paperwork, to get out of the way first. After all, dogs aren’t cheap to look after, and it won’t all be sunshine and rainbows whilst you’re in the middle of house training a puppy that would just love to pee all over everything! So here’s a quick checklist to run yourself through.

New Puppy? Here's a Checklist!

Plenty of care and patience will make short work of your puppy’s first few months at home! (Image)

Have You Got a Tag?

It’s often a requirement of the law to have a tag on your puppy, either on their collar or in a microchip underneath their skin. After all, if your puppy gets out and gets lost, you’re going to want them returned to you, and to never end up at the pound or lost with no way of finding home again. Even if your dog doesn’t wear a collar and a tag at home, it’s going to need one whenever you’re out on a walk – most leashes attach here, and it’s the most common way to have your dog run off on you.

Is the Insurance Sorted Out?

You’re going to need some insurance for your pet, seeing as they are also a living creature that can undergo health and safety issues from time to time. The bill for a vet consultation alone can be astronomical, even if it turns out there was nothing wrong your puppy and no other treatment is required! So you’re going to need some fallback there, just in case of an accident or emergency.

But calculating your budget for the pet health insurance cost can be hard, so make sure you’re looking in the right place and have all the deals that interest you grouped together. This way you can separate the better protection plans, and better prices, without accidentally missing out.

Choose Their Food and Water Bowl Carefully

Your puppy should have a food and water bowl they know is their own. It is also very important that they can’t easily knock over or destroy the bowls when they get playful. After all, puppies have a lot of boundless energy, and every item that isn’t nailed down within your house could be a chewing target!

So be sure you buy something either metal or ceramic, as puppies can’t leave teeth marks in these and they are often much easier to keep clean i.e. the bowls will contain less bacteria which will keep your puppy healthier! 

Making sure you’re ready for your puppy might take a bit more time!

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