Is Your Child Ready for a Dog?

Many kids throughout their childhood will ask for a dog at one point or another. When they see a dog in the park or play with one at a friend’s home, they will undoubtedly come home and ask if they can have a dog of their own. Even if you are interested in adding a dog to your family, you might be worried as well.

Yes, of course, your child wants a dog now, in the present moment, but will they be as keen when they have to go out for walks in the middle of the winter? Or when they’ve got to clean up the mess? Do they just want a puppy to play with and cuddle? Will you get left to do all of the work for yourself? Well, there are a few ways to find out if your kids are ready for a dog. So, while you are busy looking for chocolate lab puppies for sale, ask yourself these questions. 

Is Your Child Ready for a Dog?

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Are They Comfortable Around Other People’s Dogs?

Many kids will ask for a dog. However, sometimes the love the idea of having one is quickly replaced with terror when they encounter a dog in person, hiding or running away if they get too close. While it’s only natural to feel a little anxious around a dog that you don’t know, there’s a big difference between being a little nervous and terrified. Especially if it’s a dog that they have been around a lot, they should be starting to behave more naturally around them if their goal is to own a dog of their own one day.

Are They Easily Distracted?

As you know, kids are often easily distracted, it’s in their nature. They try a new hobby, get excited, and then move on to something new when they get bored. Some children do, however, stick to the things they start. These children have hobbies that they love, hobbies that they end up sticking with for many years. Of course, your child might behave definitely with the responsibility of a dog but their attitude towards hobbies can be a good indicator. 

Have They Done Their Research?

There’s a big difference between a child who’s said “mom, can I have a dog?” And one that has been online looking at dog breeds, read books in the library and asked their friends about how they look after their dogs. If your child has done some research, it’s a sign that they are committed. 

Are They Busy?

Dogs take up a lot of time. If your child already has a full schedule with school, homework, sports clubs, after-school events, and other commitments, will they have time to take on a dog? 

Is There a Big Change Going on at Home?

What’s going on at home? Dogs need stability and time. If you are about to welcome a new baby, moving house, starting a new job or there are any other big changes about to happen at home, it might not be the best time to get an animal. 

Is The Rest of the Family Ready?

Even if your child is ready for a dog, are the rest of you? It’s a commitment for the whole family, and you need to make sure that you are all prepared for it. 

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