Giant Day Gecko

Giant Day Gecko

I am fairly certain a Day Gecko is one of the first geckos I had ever seen as a child. I am not totally sure why I think that, I just do! I was always a gecko I wanted to one even before I knew anything about keeping reptiles. In my mind they are almost a “quintessential” gecko.

After owning my crested gecko for 8 years (literally the only reptile I had ever owned), I decided to add another animal to my collection (I was unaware of the can of worms I would open. I am now five animals later and counting).  

Anyway, after a long search — day geckos are not readily available in Canada, at least at the time — I found a 4 year old female from a breeder near my area who agreed to bring her along to the next local expo.

And that is the story about how I came to have Ruby in my collection!

Day Gecko