Cat Owners: Surprises Are Always Good

Boredom is a serious threat to life satisfaction. When you’re bored you simply feel as if life is a chore and any potential enjoyment in your day is sapped and sucked away. For cats, it’s much the same. They may seem as if they love to lounge around doing nothing but eventually they will will need to blow off some steam. Dogs seem to have a lot of energy throughout the day which makes them more of a handful but more predictable. You never quite know when your cat wants to play. Sometimes you have to nudge them into playing by surprising them with various objects that will test their senses and challenge them physically. Playing with your cat might unlock a side to your cat that you have never seen before! Here are some things you can do to fight off long lazy hours with your cat:

They don’t go running but…

Cats do not go running or for a walk like dogs do. Dogs love to run at full speed and accelerate hard while playing fetch. Cats on the other hand, are stealth predators. They only use their energy in small bursts. They don’t go running, instead, they tend to chase after objects that look like small prey. Small toy mice are a great fun way to get your cat to chase and run around. They will get to use their hind legs for sprinting and pouncing, helping their hip joints to stay strong and healthy. You should, however, stay away from using the classic “ball of yarn” for a cat toy. Despite the fact that cats actually enjoy playing with yarn, it can be hazardous to their health. There are plenty of proper cat toy options out there,  many are very cheap and will get your lazy cat to run around like a predator in its own paradise.

Gone in a flash

Cats love things that are bright and small, they are fascinated by it! Many cat owners will tell you that their cats often sit in the window sill and watch aircraft with their flashing lights, fly overhead at night. So at you can buy laser pointers that shine in the design of a small cat’s paw. Be careful not to shine the laser in your cat’s eyes! Laser pointers are inexpensive and run on batteries that are easily changed.  Your cat will go crazy for a laser pointer, however, chasing after a forever disappearing “prey” item eventually becomes exhausting and frustrating for your cat. There is a proper way to use a laser pointer as a cat toy: Are Cat Laser Pointers Actually Good Toys? 

Even when cats are having a lazy lie in, they can give you the cold shoulder. They want their companion to keep them interested and having fun. These small surprises are going to get your cat up running around and focused on something throughout the day.

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