9: The king of DIY | Joey Mullen


Joey Mullen, aka The king of DIY has joined me for today’s episode! I have been a fan of Joey’s YouTube channel for several years and it was a real treat having him on the show!

A few weeks ago, Joey released the following video on his channel to celebrate his One Millionth subscriber milestone:

After listening to the video, I felt compelled have a conversation with him because he spoke about I believe to be the most important reason a person can get involved with an animal hobby (even more so than conservation and education). That reason can be summarized in one word: PURPOSE.

Joey’s life was in a dark place and the fish hobby pulled him out and sent his life in a positive direction to the place he is now. In the podcast, we discuss exactly how something like that can occur. In particular, we discuss the responsibility that comes with owning a pet and how important that can be for an individual, especially for an individual who has found themselves on a negative life path.

Joey also shares with us the history of his YouTube Channel including the several triumphs and failures along the way. There is a lot of content in this episode, enjoy!

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Check out The king of DIY below:

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