6: SciBugs | Nancy Miorelli


Today’s episode is with Nancy Miorelli, also known as “SciBugs” on social media. Nancy is an entomologist living in Ecuador and possesses a truly inspirational passion for insects!  In the episode we discuss, insect phobia and where it comes from, tarantulas and other pet trade insects, and Nancy tells me some really mind-blowing insects facts!

This is one of those episodes you should especially listen to if you are not interested in insects. I promise you, by the end of this episode you will have a newly found respects for the bugs we share the planet with. Nancy tells me about the unbelievable abundance of insects on the planet, their important role in ecology and also the important role they play in our technological advances.

Here are a few of the links we mentioned in the show, keep scrolling to find all of the links to Nancy’s SciBugs content:



This is an incredible video!

Check out SciBugs below:

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