5: KC Critters


Olympic gold medalist and reptile enthusiast, Kyle Chalmers joined me on the podcast today! Kyle runs the Instagram account @KC_Critters, which showcases daily pictures of his large reptile collection. During our chat, Kyle tells me about his blue tongue skink breeding operation, Australian pet bylaws, and his trip to a Japanese reptile cafe.

I am always happy to see public figures involved in the reptile hobby. As Kyle and I discuss, the reptile hobby is often labeled as  “weird” or “unusual” by the average person. Having a well-known individual like Kyle promoting the hobby is hugely beneficial. Especially for the younger generation of kids who look up to him as a role model.

Kyle has some seriously beautiful, natural setups for many of his animals in his reptile room so make sure to check out his page below!

Here is the book I mentioned near the end of the show:

5: KC Critters

Venom Doc by Bryan Fry

Check out KC Critters below:

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