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Animals at Home helping Animals in the Wild!

If you are here, reading my blog you are already supporting rainforest conservation!

Like most blogger’s, I have monetized my website through the Amazon Affiliate program and Google Ads. But this is where I differ: I take a percent of the cash flow I receive and donate it to the Amazon Rainforest Conservancy. This is an incredible Canadian charity who uses donations to buy and protect endangered areas of the Peruvian tropical Rainforest. Check them out!

Here are 3 ways you can support Rainforest Conversation and my blog:

1)  Just by viewing the Google Ads I will receive a small commission from Google (this includes ads on my YouTube videos), so be sure to turn off your AD-Blocker!! 🙂 2)  If you make a purchase from Amazon after clicking on one of my Amazon links, Amazon pays me a small commission (5-7%) for sending you to their website. Therefore,  If you want to support my blog and rainforest conversation just make any Amazon purchase you like by clicking on one of my links first. Just think, you can buy needed supplies for your animal at home while simultaneously help save their cousins in the wild! 3)   I also sell Animals at Home branded T-Shirts! $5.00 from every shirt is donated directly to ARC! To be totally transparent and to recap: A percentage of the cash flow I receive through the blog goes to the expenses associated with running a website (video production, hosting fees, etc.), and also a small profit for myself. And a percentage is donated to the ARC. 

Let’s help save the rainforest together! Read my full article below!

Save the Rainforest!

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